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Kinetic Avionic Products Limited specialises in the design, development and deployment of innovative products for the avionics and aviation community.

The use of state-of-the-art technology allows KAPL to produce compact, advanced and highly reliable industry compliant solutions.

SBS-2 - Professional Mode-S and ADS-B Receiver

The SBS-2 is a 19 inch rack-mounted professional 1090 MHz Mode-S and ADS-B receiver that decodes transponder signals from aircraft. The SBS-2 can be purchased with options that allow monitoring of ground and airborne interrogation signals on 1030 MHz, a dual-redundancy package and full maintenance services.

The SBS-2C is 19 inch rack-mounted professional 1090 MHz Mode-S and ADS-B receiver that decodes transponder signals from aircraft.   The SBS-2C performs data consolidation across multiple receiver cards and or across mutiple SBS-2C units.  Typical uses include redundancy and overcoming terrain limitations.

The SBS-2M is a Multilateration system that consists of at least 4 SBS-2M receivers and a Target Processing unit. Multilateration allows you to triangulate on the position of any Mode-A/C/S aircraft.

The SBS-2M system also receives all ADS-B aircraft. The combined data stream (ASTERIX CAT20/21/22/23 and "raw" data") is designed for use in OEM software applications.


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