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KLJ Instruments is an engineering design and development company specialising in providing timely, high-value solutions to test, instrumentation and control problems.  KLJ engineers have worked with a wide range of ARINC and RTCA specifications including 419, 429, 453, 568, 575, 614, 629, 718, 708A, DO-181A and DO-185A.


The FlexiBus (FB) product line provides testing of ARINC 429, 561, and 568 communication busses for testing of modern generation aircraft systems. The units are hand-held, lightweight, and are battery operated to make them portable and user friendly. The FB Series provides features and capabilities not found in previous hand-held ARINC 429 databus analysers. The FB series is available in a variety of configurations to meet various testing requirements.  
 FB Analysers

The SQTR-2 is a six-channel RF transmitter capable of generating 1090 MHz squitters for compliance testing to RTCA DO-260A Minimum Operational Performance Standards for 1090 MHz Extended Squitter Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) and Traffic Information Services – Broadcast (TIS-B).

The SQTR-3 provides capability for generating scenarios for airborne targets transmitting data via ADS-B, either UAT messages or 1090 MHz DF-17/18/19 squitters.

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